Saturday, July 9, 2011


speedpainting #2! yay. i'm getting more comfortable with photoshop but still going over an hour! grrr. my concentration is always ruined by things going around in my house (Tobi) so i think i'll probably have to paint somewhere else where it's quiet...

Thank you Catharina Sukiman! haha lol, i'm basically mooching off of her blog to get the original pictures that i can practice drawing. =). honestly, i have no idea where to get the pics that Goro sent over so i guess i'll just get it from Catharina.


My copy:

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  1. nice i can see your skies are softer. i think you can go even more saturated on the grains :) but good job! :DD looks good! :) look at values. jon told me to change it to black and white at the end and see how close you got :)

    i'll send you the pictures from goro. i got it from jon. also goro sent it to the yahoo group. hahaha.