Monday, March 3, 2014


So, this past winter break, I got together several other people to create a short dialogue sequence for our own learning experience and to get a head start on ANI 118b. Initially, I was planning on doing a shot with a monologue/dialogue from a movie/tv show. However as time went on and I couldn't find one that piqued my interest, I decided to create my own short story with some of my project mates as voice actors. Hence, BurgerMunch was born.

It's a story about Brandon, a pompous young man fresh out of college, and his adventure to BurgerMunch where he struggles to pick out the perfect meal. Monica, the un-ambitious cashier, lends no help to Brandon. Doug, an overweight grumpy father, adds tension to Brandon's final choice. This short animation is voiced by the talents Ryan EwaysArturo Miramontes, and Kim Mucha.

The short as a whole is still in progress, but I have been working on my shot so here is a progress vid.