Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BFA Summer Sketchbook 2012

         Yes, so, i got into the program last spring semester and had to fill up a summer sketchbook. This is such a late post, but I wanted to show some of the sketches I had done. 
        At first i was really scared about doing the sketchbook because I hadn't been a sketchbook person in the past. I didn't carry one around or sketch in one when i was bored... I know so bad! Anyways, but after doing this assignment, I dont know why i didn't make it more of a priority. Because seriously, sketching everyday, whenever you can is SO SO SO important. If you want to become an animator or illustrator, you REALLY need to draw all day er day.
        I believe it was Walt Stanchfield who said "don't let your lack of drawing skills impede your work". DRAW DRAW DRAW.
       I learned so much from this assignment, and I am now a sketchbook person. Albiet, a shy one who will cower when asked to show their sketches... but STILL i am a sketchbook person! Now back to the point. Here are a few pages of my summer sketchbook. 

        I am so proud of this sketchbook because it was my baby for the whole summer. I took it on so many adventures so each sketch has a story behind them. SKETCH-BOOKING FTW! =)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Personality Walk

Based on a true story when my mom forced me to go onto Space Mountain when I was 7. Let me note: I was deathly afraid of roller coasters... I still kinda am.

Basic walk with Overlap

yes, the proportions are off on purpose. He has gorilla arms like me =)

Water Balloon Drop

no, i did not rotoscope... OBVIOUSLY. lol yeah seriously, this one quite confuzzled me.

Leaf Drop

ANI 114 Leaf Drop

Sack Drop

ANI 114 sack drop - first pass