Saturday, July 9, 2011


Speed painting #3: alright finally did it this time! 55 min =). heheheheeeeeeee. okay.


Art 112a Figure Drawing!

Some of my Art 112a stuff. I liked having Cameron teach me how to figure draw. His technique is very useful in seeing proportions. But his technique was also confusing because we could only use straight lines for a while but my Art 55 class wanted to be loosey-goosey so i was really confused. But near the end, i think i did get better because i was able to mesh those two techniques together and get better overall at figure drawing. (I should hope so since i basically drew naked people 3 times a week)

SHELDON'S CLASS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME. i'm going to learn so much more and get wayyy better
from my first figure drawing session with no help:

10 min pose:

Introduction to Cameron's techniques:


speedpainting #2! yay. i'm getting more comfortable with photoshop but still going over an hour! grrr. my concentration is always ruined by things going around in my house (Tobi) so i think i'll probably have to paint somewhere else where it's quiet...

Thank you Catharina Sukiman! haha lol, i'm basically mooching off of her blog to get the original pictures that i can practice drawing. =). honestly, i have no idea where to get the pics that Goro sent over so i guess i'll just get it from Catharina.


My copy:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Art 55

 some of my Art 55 (beginning figure drawing) work. It's missing two of my favorite figure drawings because my professor wanted to keep them over the summer to showcase it. So when I get those back I will upload them.



my first speed painting. I totally forgot how to use photoshop so this took me over an hour. i had to re-acclimate myself and try out a lot of different techniques. ANYWAYS, i need a lot of work =). but this was fun and i cant wait to get better.



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ART 112a sketchbook

Here are some of my favorite sketches from my sketchbook. I know this sounds weird but i think i need to practice drawing IN a sketchbook... it's hard to explain BUT I just need to generally practice drawing.