Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Figure Drawing: Maya Edition!

I just got back home from the first ever SHM figure drawing maya edition session where we reference a live model and then pose malcolm in Maya. We started with some 1 minute poses, then 5 min, then 10 min poses. Obviously, I couldn't do any of the 1 minute poses so I just drew quick gestures in my sketchbook. For the 5's I really tried, but it was so hard to get the pose down so quick. I got the main spine pose but the hands and face remained default (sad pancake hands). The 10's were really awesome, just enough time to get the macro pose down including some face posing and hands. As time went on, I got a little faster at posing the body. This was a really neat exercise, I can see this helping to speed up my blocking process. Hopefully next years officers will continue this.

Anywayssss.... I was able to quickly render some screenshots out with some lighting but no shadows. So, without further ado, my poses!

5 min poses!

 10 min poses:

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