Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Production for RTVF 30!

So, in RTVF 30 (intro to film production) we all produce our own 3-4 minute show. You come up with the main idea, write a script, bring props, write a cg list, and sit back and watch as the director does your show. Please keep in mind that the actors are assigned to you and no matter what you write in the script, it won't be the same during show time. IMPROV. anyways, your other classmates do other jobs that they would really do in a real studio setting like, Technical director, floor director, lighting director, cameras 1-3, audio, cg... etc.

btw, he is talking funny cuz i told him to do an british accent like bear grylls... this is what he gave me

Now, i give you... MAN VS. NATURAL DISASTER!

BTW, YOU HAVE TO SKIP TO 1:07 for the actual show to start.
(the first minute is for bars/tone, slate, and blacking it up)

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